Favorinus sp. 02  Genus: J.E. Gray in M.E. Gray, 1850

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Favorinus sp. 02 is characterized by the diffuse blueish tips of the orange-red cerata which have minute white spots in some specimens, the specimens #2 and #3 lack the white spots, and by the translucent brownish lamellate rhinophores, which have a whitish median region and opaque white spots near the apices. The yellowish-orange oral tentacles are relatively long and have whitish tips. There is an orange patch on the head.
Favorinus sp. 04 might be a strange colour form, which differs by white tips of the cerata and lacks the minute white spots on the cerata.
To my knowledge are these the only picture of this species, it is not in IPN nor at the internet!
Note added on 3 March 2012:
There are pictures of the variant without white spots on the cerata from Nabucco Island, Indonesia, as Favorinus sp. 04, and at NUDIPIXEL also from Anilao, Philippines. The website NUDIPIXEL is down, the picture is gone.
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