Facelinidae sp. 06  Family: Bergh, 1889

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Facelinidae sp. 06  Family: Bergh, 1889 has a white body with orange/brown lines running from the oral tentacles to the rhinophores, then to the base of the ceratas joining at the tail. An other orange/brown line is at each side of the body just below the cerata. The cerata are translucent brown with violet and white spots. The lamellate rhinophores are translucent, the oral tentacles are translucent brown with white spots.
It was posted on 17 June 2006 at these website as AEOLIDINA sp. B Suborder: Odhner, 1934, on 16 July 2011 changed into Aeolidida sp. 02 Infraorder: Odhner, 1934.
I found pictures of this species from Japan on 21 September 2012 as GLAUCIDAE sp. 4 at http://www.umiushi-zukan.com,
according to WoRMS has the family Glaucidae Gray, 1827 only one genus: Glaucus Forster, 1777, so I used the family Facelinidae  Bergh, 1889 and changed it on 22 September 2012 into
Facelinidae sp. 06  Family: Bergh, 1889.
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Köhler, E. (2020), published 24 December 2020, Facelinidae sp. 06  Family: Bergh, 1889
available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Nudibranchia/Cladobranchia/Facelinidae_sp_06.htm


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