Facelina sp. 04  Genus: Alder & Hancock, 1855

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Facelina sp. 04 is an undescribed species of the genus Facelina, it is characterized by its black tipped orange cerata, and by its orange body. The smooth rhinophores are basally translucent orange, the outer 4/5 are black with white tips. The oral tentacles are black.
This species was identified by Gary Cobb on 13 August 2012 at the facebook group nudibase.
Gary writes:"This is Facelina sp. 6 http://www.nudibranch.com.au/pages/IMG_a0588w.htm. I have found it here on the Sunshine Coast."
Thank you Gary! The Sunshine Coast is in Queensland, Australia.
Pretty similar (with black tipped orange cerata) are:
Favorinus tsuruganus which differs by the rhinophores, which are black and have three swellings, by the long white oral tentacles, and by the white body colour,
Eubranchus mimeticus which differs by a broad white median longitudinal line, by the rhinophores, which are basally whitish, the outer 2/3 are black, the tips are white, and by the cerata which have white longitudinal lines, and in many specimens also white patches basally,
Placida cremoniana which is a sacoglossan and lacks oral tentacles, it differs also by the cerata which are basally orange the outer part is black.
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Köhler, E. (2019), published 11 May 2019, Facelina sp. 04  Genus: Alder & Hancock, 1855
available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Nudibranchia/Cladobranchia/Facelina_sp_04.htm


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