Doridomorpha gardineri  Eliot, 1906

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Doridomorpha gardineri is characterized by its dorid-like body shape and rhinophores. The simple rhinophores are set back on the notum and have the outline 'even and cylindrical' often white with numerous transverse dark bands. They are completely retractile, the pockets are simple holes with slightly raised sheaths. The body is brown or yellowish with white spots. Doridomorpha gardineri is dorid-shaped, hence the name of its genus Doridomorpha meaning morphologically (shaped) like a dorid.
Doridomorpha gardineri is the only species in the family Doridomorphidae Marcus & Marcus, 1960, which is characterized by lacking oral tentacles, a gill, or secondary respiratory structures.
There are no oral tentacles, no gills, though David W. Behrens writes at the Slug Site : "...but the gill is typically arminacean, found under the mantle." It feeds exclusively on the blue coral Heliopora caerulea.
More informations on Doridomorpha gardineri are at Michael D. Miller's Slug Site!
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