Dendronotus regius  Pola & Stout, 2008

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Dendronotus regius has characteristic orange rhinophores with black tips, most of the specimens from Indonesia have bright orange tips of the rhinophores. There are brown spots on the translucent or translucent-orange body. All other species of the genus Dendronotus are from cold Northern waters. This recently described species was posted on 11 October 2008 at these websites as Dendronotus sp. A,
on 23 July 2010 changed into Dendronotus regius  Pola & Stout, 2008. Some of these pictures are a video capture, so the resolution is not high.
There are some pictures of Dendronotus regius from the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia online, more pictures were at NUDI PIXEL, this website is down, the pictures are gone.
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