Bornella hermanni  Angas, 1864

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Bornella hermanni has a translucent cream colour with a broken network of red-orange lines, branched large posterior process on the rhinophore sheaths, and three pairs of dorso-lateral processes.
Very similar is Bornella stellifera, it has been misidentified in several field guides.
Bornella hermanni can be distinguished from Bornella stellifera by the branched large posterior process on the rhinophore sheath, in Bornella stellifera it is simple. In Bornella stellifer the rhinophores, dorso-lateral processes and velar tentacles all have an orange-red subapical ring which is absent in Bornella hermanni. In Bornella hermanni there are three pairs of dorso-lateral processes while in Bornella stellifer there are five or six pairs.
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