Baeolidia variabilis  Carmona, Pola, Gosliner & Cervera, 2014

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Baeolidia variabilis is -as the specific name suggests- variable in its appearance, that is why it is as Berghia sp. 1 and as Berghia sp. 4
in Gosliner et al. (2008), pages 404 and 405. It is characterized by its white tipped papillate rhinophores, and white tipped oral tentacles. The cerata are flattened.
Let me quote Carmona et al. (2014):"External morphology: Body short, broad, tapering close to posterior end of foot. Foot corners, short and rounded. Body colour translucent with two different colour patterns. First one with opaque white patches on head (its density varies) and notum. Light ochre reticulate on both sides of body. Second one with small light ochre spots all over body. Rhinophores approximately equal in length to oral tentacles. Rhinophores densely covered by elongate papillae. Rhinophores translucent with ochre pigment and white apex. Oral tentacles short, slender, tapering near apices. Oral tentacles same colour as ground colour and white tips. Cerata flattened, almost leaf-like. In first colour pattern, cerata ochre with white pigmentation on posterior side of basal portion. Some cerata noticeably longer than others. In second colour pattern, cerata recurved inwardly, with some papillae or bulbs. Cerata completely white, usually having bright yellow pigment on posterior side of their distal area. Cerata in two or three arches followed by a couple of rows. Cerata groups leaving a distinct gap between pre and post-pericardial groups. Each group with 1-5 cerata, decreasing in size towards foot. Anus cleioproctic, below second right arch. Genital aperture among cerata of anteriormost group on right."
(references to figures had been deleted)
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Gig Harbor, Washington. 426pp.
Carmona L., Pola M., Gosliner T.M. & Cervera J.L. 2014. Review of Baeolidia, the largest genus of Aeolidiidae (Mollusca: Nudibranchia), with the description of five new species. Zootaxa, 3802 (4): 477-514.page(s): 493, 495-498
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