Babakina indopacifica  Gosliner, Gonzáles-Duarte & Cervera, 2007

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Babakina indopacifica is characterized by its translucent pinkish-purple colour. The most distictive feature is that the bright red-orange perfoliate rhinophores are fused at the base. There is a yellowish-white patch on the head.
The cerata are very variable in colour:
-in most specimens whitish with diffuse blueish apices.
-some specimens have a diffuse pinkish band at the cerata, this variant is at Jun Imamoto's Sea Slug Site labelled Babakina cf. festiva,
-some specimens have laterally brownish-red cerata and mid-dorsally whitish cerata, this variant labels Jun Imamoto Babakina festiva, and
-the above specimen has pinkish cerata laterally and whitish cerata mid-dorsally.
The oral tentacles are also very variable in colour:
-in some specimens uniform pinkish,
-in some specimens pinkish basally with a blueish spot and a whitish outer half, and
-in some specimens orange with a whitish band.
In all species of Babakina are the cerata densely arranged without distinct clusters.
Gosliner et al. (2007) have elevated Babakinidae to the family level with the only genus Babakina:
Gosliner T. M., Gonzáles-Duarte M. M. & Cervera J. L. (2007). "Revision of the systematics of Babakina Roller, 1973 (Mollusca: Opisthobranchia) with the description of a new species and a phylogenetic analysis". Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 151(4): 671-689.
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