Tytthosoceros lizardensis Newman & Cannon, 1996

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The above specimen was misidentified and posted on 5 January 2016 at these websites as Pseudobiceros sp. 03  Genus: Faubel, 1984,
and identified by Dr. Wei-Ban Jie on 19 February 2017, thanks!
Let me quote Ria Tan (http://www.wildsingapore.com):
"8-10 cm. Usually with deep ruffles. Body mottled brown or olive with white dots forming irregular bars perpendicular to the body edge. Margin comprises fine white outer edge with fine black inner edge. Underside is uniformly pale with a wide brownish margin. It has a pair of erect pseudotentacles on the front of the worm made up of folded edges of the body. The tips of the pseudotentacles are white. It can swim by undulating its body edges."
NUDIPIXEL has 3 pictures of this species from Bali, Indonesia, ID not confirmed, and there are several pictures from Singapore.
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Köhler, E. (2017), published 25 February 2017, Tytthosoceros lizardensis Newman & Cannon, 1996
available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Look-alike/Platyhelminthes/Tytthosoceros_lizardensis/Select.htm