Pseudocerotidae sp. 15  Family: Lang, 1884

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I had been scanning through all websites on MARINE FLATWORMS, but I did not find a picture of a similar species, maybe there are some at NUDIPIXEL within the -as of 28 September 2012- 627 Unidentified polyclad flatworm pictures.
I label it Pseudocerotidae sp. 15, because my best guess is that it should be placed in the family Pseudocerotidae  Lang, 1884.
It is characterized by a whitish background colour with numerous irregular dark brown patches along the median line, by a broad diffuse translucent orange mantle margin, by orange pseudotentacles, and by an orange spot at the posterior end.
I am not sure whether these two specimens of of the same species, their general appearance is pretty similar.
Maybe this is a very strange variant of Pseudoceros scriptus.