Pseudocerotidae sp. 05  Family: Lang, 1884

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I had been scanning through all websites on MARINE FLATWORMS, but I did not find a picture of a similar species, maybe there are some at NUDIPIXEL within the -as of 03 July 2012- 627 Unidentified polyclad flatworm pictures.
There are according to the South-west Indian Ocean Flatworm site at least 3 species of the genus Pseudoceros with a velvety black body colour and whitish marginal bands:
- Pseudoceros prudhoei  Newman & Cannon, 1994 with an inner band of sky blue and an outer band of yellow or cream
- Pseudoceros depiliktabub  Newman & Cannon, 1994 with the inner band dark-green, middle band yellow-cream and rim bright orange
- Pseudoceros flavocanthus  Newman & Cannon, 1994 with a purple-blue marginal band becoming white and an outer band bright yellow
The above specimen does not fit any of them -
I label it Pseudocerotidae sp. 05, because my best guess is that it should be placed in the family Pseudocerotidae  Lang, 1884.