Pseudoceros cf. prudhoei  Newman & Cannon,1994

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cf. is an abbreviation from a Latin word (confer) and means 'refer to' or 'compare with', here it means it could possibly be Pseudoceros prudhoei or perhaps something closely related, or at least similar in appearance.
This specimen look very similar to those at the South-west Indian Ocean Flatworm site, which could be according to Leslie Newman a colour variation of Pseudoceros prudhoei.
Pseudoceros cf. prudhoei is characterized by its black or dark brown body colour with 2 marginal bands, an inner broad bluish-grey band merging into white, and an outer yellow band.
Let me quote the description of Pseudoceros prudhoei by Marcela Bolanos at LifeDesks:
"Margins of the body with few ruffles and a brown background covered by dark brown microdots. There are two marginal bands, the inner one is wide and sky blue or light purple and the outer is narrow and yellow or cream."
There was a picture of this species at Nudi Pixel as Pseudoceros prudhoei from Anilao, Philippines, identification not confirmed. The website nudipixel is down, the picture is gone.
There are according to Philibert Bidgrain several species very similar with a black body colour and a white marginal band:
- Pseudoceros prudhoei which has an inner band of sky blue and an outer band of yellow or cream
- Pseudoceros cf. prudhoei which has an inner broad band of bluish-white and an outer band of yellow
- Pseudoceros depiliktabub which has inner band dark-green, middle band yellow-cream and rim bright orange
- Pseudoceros cf. depiliktabub which has a whitish inner band and a orange to lemon rim
- Pseudobiceros flavocanthus which has 2 thin marginal bands an inner white and an outer yellow.
- Pseudocerotidae sp. 11 which differs by minute yellowish-white spots on the black body, and by the orange outer marginal band.
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