Pseudoceros microcelis  Prudhoe, 1989

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Let met quote the description of Pseudoceros microcelis in Ong, Bolaños & Tong (2018) at page 59:
"Black dorsal surface with numerous yellow spots of varying sizes (Fig. 6A). The yellow spots are slightly raised (Fig. 6D), which may give a false impression of presence of papillae. A marginal band of greyish-white surrounded the body, followed by an outer narrow yellow rim, including the pseudotentacles."
Ong, Bolaños & Tong (2018) write: "Pseudoceros microcelis can easily be mistaken for Thysanozoon nigropapillosum (Hyman, 1959) as they share a similar colour and pattern. Pseudoceros microcelis has only one male gonopore and lacks papillae on its dorsal surface. However, the latter character needs to be carefully examined because the yellow spots are raised and can give the false impression that these are papillae."
This close- up view of the papillae of Thysanozoon nigropapillosum (Hyman, 1959) is showing the yellow tip and black base.
I can't tell for sure if the pictures of Thysanozoon nigropapillosum are correct identified or if they are in fact Pseudoceros microcelis  Prudhoe, 1989.
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