Pseudoceros jebborum  Newman & Cannon, 1994 or
Pseudoceros paralaticlavus  Newman & Cannon, 1994

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I identified the above specimens using the South-west Indian Ocean Flatworm site, it is there as
pattern 4 of Pseudoceros jebborum and paralaticlavus Newman & Cannon, 1994.
Let me quote Philibert Bidgrain:
" These two species have a very similar and variable pattern, so it is very difficult even impossible to separate only with photo these two species. Only a DNA analysis can help to differentiate between these two species : the nucleotide sequence ITS1 ( Internal Transcribed Spacer 1) in the ribosomal RNA gene cluster of P. paralaticlavus differs by 6% (24/421 positions) from that of P. jebborum. (Goggin and Newman, 1996) "
Pseudoceros jebborum at LifeDesks, and from Hawaii,
Pseudoceros paralaticlavus at LifeDesks, and Nudi Pixel.
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available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Look-alike/Platyhelminthes/Pseudoceros_jebborum/Select.htm


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