Pseudobiceros sp. 06 Genus: Faubel, 1984

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I had been scanning through all websites on MARINE FLATWORMS, and I found one picture of a similar species, at Marine Flatworms of the World!, which is labelled Pseudobiceros cf. bedfordi,
I posted this picture at these websites on 2 October 2012 as Pseudocerotidae sp. 16, because my best guess was that it should be placed in the family Pseudocerotidae  Lang, 1884.
It is characterized by a mottled bright/dark grey background colour, and by numerous rounded yellow spots of various sizes, most of them encircled with dark grey/black .
On 4 April 2015 identified Leslie J. Newman this specimen as Pseudobiceros sp. 4 in Newman & Cannon, 2003 on the facebook group Marine Flatworms, thanks!
I moved this species on 5 April 2015 to Pseudobiceros sp. 06 Genus: Faubel, 1984
Reference: Newman, L.J. & Cannon, L.R.G. (2003). Marine Flatworms: the world of Polyclads. CSIRO Publishing : Melbourne 112 p