Pseudobiceros kryptos  Newman and Cannon 1996

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Pseudobiceros kryptos is characterized by greenish background colour mottled with olive green and white, orange brown and white spots, and by an yellow rim There is in the above specimen #2 a faint yellowish rim at the mantle margin.
Let me quote Marcela Bolanos at LifeDesks:
"External anatomy: The dorsal background varies from a mottled olive green to lime green and white pattern; large irregular brown and olive green spots on the margin and large irregular orange-brown and white spots scattered over the dorsal surface, darker medially. Presence of a narrow yellow rim and the gut diverticula is usually green. The ventral side is light olive green. Pseudotentacles square, and ruffled with four distinctive groups of pseudotentacular eyes. A rounded cerebral cluster of about 100 eyespots. Pharynx with simple folds, and two male pores well separated."
These specimens were identified using Dr. Wolfgang Seifarth's website Marine Flatworms of the World!
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