Polyclad flatworms, Phylum Platyhelminthes Gegenbaur, 1859

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Class:  Rhabditophora  Ehlers, 1985
Order:  Polycladida  Lang, 1884
Suborder:  Acotylea  Lang, 1884

Acotylea sp. 01

Acotylea sp. 02

Acotylea sp. 03

Acotylea sp. 04

Superfamily:  Stylochoidea  Poche, 1926

Stylochoidea sp. 01

Stylochoidea sp. 02

Family:  Callioplanidae  Hyman, 1953

Callioplana marginata

Callioplanidae sp. 01

Family:  Planoceridae  Lang, 1884

Paraplanocera oligoglena

Paraplanocera sp. 01

Paraplanocera sp. 02

Paraplanocera sp. 03

Paraplanocera sp. 04

Suborder:  Cotylea  Lang, 1884

Infraorder:  Periceloidea  Bahia, Padula & Schrödl, 2017
Family:  Pericelididae  Laidlaw, 1902

Pericelis sp. 01

Superfamily:  Euryleptoidea  Faubel, 1984
Family:  Euryleptidae  Lang, 1884

Cycloporus venetus

Cycloporus cf. venetus

Eurylepta sp. 01

Eurylepta sp. 02

Euryleptidae sp. 01

Maritigrella eschara

Prostheceraeus sp. 01

Family:  Prosthiostomidae  Lang, 1884

Prosthiostomidae sp. 01

Prosthiostomidae sp. 02

Superfamily:  Pseudocerotoidea  Faubel, 1984
Family:  Pseudocerotidae  Lang, 1884

Acanthozoon albopunctatum

Bulaceros sp. 01

Maiazoon orsaki

Phrikoceros fritillus

Phrikoceros sp. 01

Phrikoceros sp. 02

Pseudobiceros bedfordi

Pseudobiceros damawan

Pseudobiceros flowersi

Pseudobiceros fulgor

Pseudobiceros gloriosus

Pseudobiceros gratus

Pseudobiceros hancockanus

Pseudobiceros kryptos

Pseudobiceros murinus

Pseudobiceros splendidus

Pseudobiceros sp. 01

Pseudobiceros sp. 02

Pseudobiceros sp. 03

Pseudobiceros sp. 04

Pseudobiceros sp. 05

Pseudobiceros sp. 06

Pseudobiceros sp. 07

Pseudobiceros stellae

Pseudobiceros uniarborensis

Pseudoceros bifurcus

Pseudoceros bimarginatus

Pseudoceros caeruleocinctus

Pseudoceros cf. depiliktabub

Pseudoceros dimidiatus

Pseudoceros ferrugineus

Pseudoceros goslineri

Pseudoceros gravieri

Pseudoceros imitatus

Pseudoceros jebborum

Pseudoceros cf. lactolimbus

Pseudoceros laingensis

Pseudoceros leptostichus

Pseudoceros lindae


Pseudoceros microcelis

Pseudoceros paralaticlavus

Pseudoceros cf. prudhoei

Pseudoceros rubronanus

Pseudoceros rubrotentaculatus

Pseudoceros scintillatus

Pseudoceros scriptus

Pseudoceros sp. 02

Pseudoceros sp. 03

Pseudoceros sp. 04

Pseudoceros sp. 06

Pseudoceros sp. 07

Pseudoceros sp. 08

Pseudoceros sp. 09

Pseudoceros sp. 10

Pseudoceros sp. 11

Pseudoceros vishnui

Pseudocerotidae sp. 03

Pseudocerotidae sp. 05

Pseudocerotidae sp. 07

Pseudocerotidae sp. 08

Pseudocerotidae sp. 09

Pseudocerotidae sp. 11

Pseudocerotidae sp. 12

Pseudocerotidae sp. 13

Pseudocerotidae sp. 14

Pseudocerotidae sp. 15

Pseudocerotidae sp. 18

Pseudocerotidae sp. 19

Pseudocerotidae sp. 20

Pseudocerotidae sp. 21

Pseudocerotidae sp. 22

Pseudocerotidae sp. 23

Pseudocerotidae sp. 24

Thysanozoon nigropapillosum

Thysanozoon sp. 01

Thysanozoon sp. 02

Thysanozoon sp. 03

Thysanozoon sp. 04

Thysanozoon sp. 05

Thysanozoon sp. 06

Thysanozoon sp. 07

Thysanozoon sp. 08

Thysanozoon sp. 09

Thysanozoon sp. 10

Thysanozoon sp. 11

Tytthosoceros lizardensis

Tytthosoceros nocturnus
Species of the genera Paraplanocera  Laidlaw, 1903 here or here and Prostheceraeus  Schmarda, 1859 here are often mistaken for sealugs because of their head tentacles.
Let me quote Dr.Wolfgang Seifarth on flatworms:" Since the worms have tentacles at the anterior end and often have brilliant colours they are occasionally mistaken for nudibranchs. But in contrast to nudibranchs, tentacles are mostly simple folds of the anterior margin. They can move along much faster than nudibranchs, are much thinner and tend to break up if handled."
For more informations visit his website Marine Flatworms of the World!
Let me quote the Wild Singapore website: "Tentative identification. Species are difficult to positively identify without close examination."
I have added on 10 September 2012 a site with links to websites on MARINE FLATWORMS 



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