Phrikoceros fritillus  Newman & Cannon 1996

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Phrikoceros fritillus is characterized by a cream background colour with minute orange/brown spots only in the center of the body, not extending to the margin, this is why the margin has a wide cream band. It has an orange patch between the pseudotentacles, which extends to the cerebral cluster. There is in the above specimen a faint yellowish rim at the mantle margin.
The above specimen was identified using the South-West Indian Ocean Flatworm site.
Let me quote Marcela Bolanos at LifeDesks:
"External morphology: Oval, thick, and fleshy body with ruffled margins. The dorsal surface occasionally has deep dimples when the animal is resting. A cream background with tiny clusters of brown microdots evenly scattered over the dorsal surface, but not extending to the margin, reason why the margin has a wide cream band. A wide and conspicuous orange triangle between the pseudotentacles, extending to the cerebral cluster. The ventral surface is cream. Pseudotentacles are somewhat pointed, formed by deep ruffles of the anterior margin with two dense groups of eyes and few eyes scattered at the base, close to the margin. A rounded cerebral cluster with about 50 eyes."
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