pulmonate (airbreathing) slugs, Family Onchidiidae  Rafinesque, 1815

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Species of the family Onchidiidae  Rafinesque, 1815 are slug-like mollusks that live in the high intertidal, preferring hard substrate to crawl on. They lack a shell and have tuberculate mantles. Onchidiids feed on micro-algae.
Unlike sea slugs, they are relatives of the land slugs, belonging to the airbreathing infraclass Pulmonata, order Systellommatophora  Pilsbry, 1948.
They may be distinguished from sea slugs by their eyes, which are on the tips of their cephalic tentacles, in sea slugs they are embedded in the skin.
There are only a few pictures of the family Onchidiidae online, 1 species from Hawaii, one species from the Philippines and 6 species from Singapore, and 1 species from South Africa.
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