True Cowries,  family Cypraeidae Rafinesque, 1815

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Cypraea tigris

Erronea caurica

Lyncina carneola

Lyncina vitellus

Monetaria annulus

Palmadusta ziczac

Staphylaea staphylaea

Talparia talpa
Species of the family Cypraeidae are often mistaken for seaslugs, especially when the shell is covered by the large colourful mantle, which has in many species elongate branched papillae. Let me quote Bill Rudman:
"One easy way to separate snails from slugs is to look for their eyes. If they are raised from the skin like this then they are a snail. If the eyes are embedded in the skin they are an opisthobranch."
Within the family Cypraeidae are according to WoRMS 5 subfamilies with 49 genera and hundreds of species, I don't know how to distinguish them!
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