Micromelo guamensis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1825) [Bullaea]

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Micromelo guamensis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1825) [Bullaea] was long thought to be a colour form of Micromelo undatus (Bruguière, 1792) [Bulla],
which is according to the recent publication (published online 27 July 2021) by Feliciano et al. (2021) an Atlantic Ocean species, reported from the Western Atlantic Ocean from Brazil to Florida, USA, and from the Eastern Atlantic Ocean from the Cape Verde Islands to the Tenerife Island, Spain.
Feliciano et al. (2021) described the specimens from the Philippines and other locations as
Micromelo barbarae  Feliciano, Malaquias, Stout, Brenzinger, Gosliner & Valdés, 2021, but in the Western Indo Pacific occurs
also Micromelo guamensis (Quoy & Gaimard, 1825) [Bullaea].
Micromelo guamensis is characterized by the colour of the body margins: "light vibrant blue band followed inwards by dark blue or purple diffuse band", and by "large, compound opaque white patches, densely arranged, almost touching; distance between patches smaller than patches
themselves." Feliciano et al. (2021)
It differs from Micromelo barbarae, which has a "yellow-orange band followed inwards by pale green diffuse band" and "large, oval or compound opaque white patches, widely spaced; distance between patches equal or larger than patches themselves."
The genus Micromelo  Pilsbry, 1895 is in older publications placed in the Order Cephalaspidea, according to Bouchet & Rocroi (2005) are
the superfamilies: Acteonoidea and Ringiculoidea no more in the Order Cephalaspidea in the Subclass: OPISTHOBRANCHIA, but
in the new informal group Lower Heterobranchia (= Allogastropoda) Haszprunar, 1985.
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Kendall Feliciano, Manuel António E. Malaquias, Carla Stout, Bastian Brenzinger, Terrence M. Gosliner & Ángel Valdés (2021): Molecular and morphological analyses reveal pseudocryptic diversity in Micromelo.undatus (Bruguière, 1792) (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia: Aplustridae),
Systematics and Biodiversity, DOI: 10.1080/14772000.2021.1939458
More informations on Micromelo undatus as Micromelo undata are at Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum!
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