Siphopteron sp. 07  Genus: Gosliner, 1989

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This is an unidentified or undescribed species of the genus Siphopteron  Gosliner, 1989 - I call it Siphopteron sp. 07, to distinguish it from other undescribed species of Siphopteron.
Siphopteron sp. 07 is characterized by a light pink colour, and minute brown/black spots. There are cream spots on the tip of the siphon, the flagellum is missing.
The above specimen pictures #1 and #2 was identified by Dr. Richard C. Willan. He writes (pers comment):"I can definitely make out a medial ridge in the siphon. This, combined with the small body size and rounded visceral mass, makes it a Siphopteron sp. I cannot see any flagellum, but it could have been lost by predation."
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