Siphopteron flavolineatum  Ong & Gosliner, 2017

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Siphopteron flavolineatum is characterized by its orange colour, whith large round cream spots. The flagellum is very long. There is a yellow rim at the margin the parapodia, and there is yellow pigment at the tip of the siphon.
This species is most likely a colour form of Siphopteron sp. 6 in Gosliner et al. (2015) page 59, it was posted on 28 August 2018 at these websites as Siphopteron sp. 06  Genus: Gosliner, 1989.
I identified and changed it on 27 July 2019 into Siphopteron flavolineatum    Ong & Gosliner, 2017.
Let me quote Ong, Hallas & Gosliner (2017): "External morphology: Living animal 5–7 mm in length (Fig. 1G, H). Parapodia and foot ground colour clear to translucent white to ochre. Parapodia lined with yellow and vermillion accents. White spots dotting parapodia, head shield and visceral hump. Visceral hump is more opaque than its appendages. Visceral hump ochre to vermillion towards flagellum with white spots. Flagellum opaque ochre with vermillion outlined by yellow stripes at the end with black tip. Foot translucent white, lined with orange edges and central yellow stripe down middle. Flagellum (Fig. 1G, H) centred on midline of visceral hump. Head shield roughly triangular in shape, broadest anteriorly and narrowing posteriorly into siphon. Siphon with central white stripe that bisects vertically on anterior side. Siphon with two symmetrical white dots on either side of head shield on a translucent ground colour transitioning posteriorly into ochre colour on siphon. Yellow stripe present on posterior side of siphon, lined with darker vermillion on either side. Siphon with prominent medial crest on posterior side, extending slightly above level of lateral margins. Gill small with three primary folds."
Gosliner, T.M, D.W. Behrens & Á.Valdés. 2015. Nudibranch &Sea Slug Identification Indo-Pacific.
New World Publications Inc. Jacksonville, FL. 408 pp.
Ong E., Hallas J.M. & Gosliner T.M. (2017). Like a bat out of heaven: the phylogeny and diversity of the bat-winged slugs (Heterobranchia: Gastropteridae).
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. DOI: 10.1093/zoolinnean/zlw018., available online at https://doi.org/10.1093/zoolinnean/zlw018
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