Philinopsis speciosa  Pease, 1860

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Philinopsis speciosa varies in colour from plain black to black with blue, white, yellow or brownish-yellow markings. Sometimes animals have a pale brown background colour. The posterior edge of the headshield has a tapering crest, which stands erect, and the body is cylindrical in shape. Species of Philinopsis are usually found burrowing through sand or mud.
Philinopsis speciosa is a widespread Indo-West Pacific species which has been identified in most places as Philinopsis cyanea, it was also posted on 9 July 2003 at these pages as Philinopsis cyanea. Because Philinopsis speciosa is the older name, as well as the type of the genus, I replaced on 21 September 2008 the more commonly used Philinopsis cyanea by
Philinopsis speciosa  Pease, 1860.
Very similar, also very variable in colour and markings is the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean species Philinopsis depicta (Renier, 1807).
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