Phanerophthalmus albocollaris  Heller & Thompson, 1983

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Phanerophthalmus albocollaris is characterized by a purplish body, distinctive is the opaque white "W" or "M" at the posterior end of the ead shield. Some specimens from Japan have another small patch of minute opaque white spots at the posterior end, they are most likely a distinct undescribed Phanerophthalmus sp.
The genus Phanerophthalmus has a remarkable resemblance to members of the family Aglajidae, and until quite recently was considered to be a member of that family. It is an herbivorous opisthobranch, closely related to the genus Haminoea, with a similar radula and gizzard plates.
The specimen of the pictures #4 and #5 was identified by Dr. Richard C. Willan. Thanks!
I moved it on 6 November 2018 from the family Smaragdinellidae  A. Adams & Reeve, 1848 into the family Haminoeidae  Pilsbry, 1895.
More information on Phanerophthalmus albocollaris are on Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum!
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