Haminoeidae sp. 03  Family: Pilsbry, 1895

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This is an undescribed species of the family Haminoeidae  Pilsbry, 1895, Clay Carlson labels it at the Sea Slug Forum 'mini-ham' because the max. size is approx. 4 mm excluding the 'tail'. Let me quote Clay Carlson (11 August 1999 at the SSF):" We have 7 species from Guam that appear to represent a new genus." and "Externally the group is marked by a modified head shield, very thin parapodia and an extended tail. In at least two species there is an adhesive area at the end of the tail. When threatened, the animal jerks back to its point of attachment."
I asked Dr. Richard C. Willan if there is a recent publication on this new genus, he wrote:"I know Clay Carlson concentrated on 'mini-hams' during the latter part of his research into sea slugs but it was hard because they are so small. He discovered (a) at least 8 different spp, (b) the fact that they have an asymmetrical radula (i.e., the two halves are not identical), (c) they all live on and eat the filamentous cyanobacteria Lyngbya, and (d) the very long tail helps them cling onto individual filaments. He never published on them unfortunately. I assume his collection and research notes are still in Guam."
Species of the family Haminoeidae are herbivorous cephalaspideans.
I label it Haminoeidae sp. 03 to distinguish it from other species of the family.
It is chracterized by greenish specks and a few white specks on the transcendent body, and by a very long 'tail'.
There are many pictures of this new genus at the internet:
- from Guam at guamreeflife.com, a specimen
- from Guam was the 'Nudibranch of the Week # 109" at Michael D. Miller's The Slug Site, and several species
- from Hawaii at Sea Slugs of Hawaii,
- from Japan at Medslugs, and a specimen
- from Bali, Indonesia was the 'Nudibranch of the Week # 706" at Michael D. Miller's The Slug Site,
and from several locations wrong placed in the genus Haminoea at Nudi Pixel, the website Nudi Pixel is down, the pictures are gone.
More information on Haminoeidae sp. 03 as haminoeid - genus unknown 1 are at Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum!
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