Chelidonura cf. livida  Yonow, 1994

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cf. is an abbreviation from a Latin word (confer) and means 'refer to' or 'compare with', here it means it could possibly be Chelidonura livida or perhaps something closely related, or at least similar in appearance.
Chelidonura livida was described from the Red Sea as black or dark brown, with bright blue spots. It was thought to be a Read Sea/Indian Ocean species. Gosliner et al. (2015) write on page 51 "...some specimens with opaque white spots on the dorsum and sides. Sandy habitats in shallow water from 2-20 m. Possibly also present in Northern Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia." There is a picture of a pale brown specimen with white and diffuse blue spots, but no location is given.
All pictures of Chelidonura livida from the Red Sea, Bahrain, Persian Gulf, Madagascar, to Mayotte are black or dark brown, with bright blue spots, only some specimens from the United Arab Emirates show white spots and have pale blue spots. There are no pictures from the Central Indian Ocean and from the Eastern Indian Ocean online, but there are pictures from Raja Ampat, Indonesia online, a demolated black specimen with bright blue spots.
I disagree with the identification of a pale brown specimen with white spots as Chelidonura livida that is the reason why I keep the above specimen from the Philippines for now as Chelidonura cf. livida  Yonow, 1994, though it looks to me more like a species of Philinopsis, somehow similar to the variable South Australien Philinopsis troubridgensis (Verco, 1909) [Aglaja].
Gosliner, T.M, D.W. Behrens & Á.Valdés. 2015. Nudibranch & Sea Slug Identification Indo-Pacific.
New World Publications Inc. Jacksonville, FL. 408 pp.
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