Dolabrifera dolabrifera (Cuvier, 1817) [Dolabella]

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Dolabrifera dolabrifera is usually mottled green or light brown, but ranges in colour from pink to dark brown. The posterior half of the animal is usually broad and rounded gradually narrowing to the head. The parapodia are fused except for a short region in the posterior midline.
Dolabrifera dolabrifera crawls with a very characteristic leech-like movement: The posterior end of the foot forms a disc which is firmly attached to the rock. At the same time the head is slightly raised off the rock and extends forward, the front part of the body stretching out to form a thin neck. When it has stretched forward as far as it can, the head drops to the rock surface and attaches to it. Gradually the neck also attaches and pulls the body forward - and then the process is repeated again.
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