Bursatella ocelligera (Bergh, 1902) [Aclesia]

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Bursatella ocelligera is characterized by Bazzicalupo et al. (2020) a "body covered with several ramified papillae, variable in size and shape among specimens. Papillae typically few, long, tentacular, with numerous secondary branches; secondary branches variable in length, some as long as primary papillae. Dorsal body surface covered with numerous small tubercles among papillae. Rhinophores and oral tentacles covered with papillae similar to those on body surface. Colour variable, greenish grey to brown. Papillae much lighter, typically light grey, sometimes with black spots and stripes. Body surface with numerous small black and opaque white dots, and fewer oval, bright blue rounded spots, edged in black/brown, and sometimes black lines."
This species had been misidentified and posted on 3 April 2012 at these websites as Bursatella leachii  de Blainville, 1817.
Which is found in warm temperate and tropical waters throughout the world. There are several geographical subspecies recognised by some authorities, have a look at the Sea-Slug Forum for a list of them.
Eales & Engel (1925) reviewed Bursatella worldwide and concluded there was only one species.
IPN writes at page 60: "Other subspecies from different parts of the world have dramatically different external morphology. The genus needs to be thoroughly reviewed."
Bazzicalupo et al. (2020) write there is a second valid species within the genus genus Bursatella de Blainville, 1817:
Bursatella ocelligera (Bergh, 1902), described as [Aclesia ocelligera], type localty Koh Chang, Thailand, and records from the Philippines.
I changed it on 11 July 2012 into Bursatella ocelligera (Bergh, 1902) [Aclesia].
The specimen #3 was identified by Matt Nimbs, thanks!
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Pretty similar are:
Bursatella leachii which lacks the long, light grey, numerous secondary branches on the papillae, and
Stylocheilus striatus which differs by dark longitudinal lines.
How to cite:
How to cite:
Köhler, E. (2020), published 11 July 2020, Bursatella ocelligera (Bergh, 1902)
available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Aplysiida/Bursatella_ocelligera.htm


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