Julia zebra  Kawaguti, 1981

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Julia zebra is a sacoglossan of the family Juliidae which includes the "bivalved sea-slugs" of the genera - sorted by name: Berthelinia, Edenttellina, Julia, Midorigai, and Tamanovalva. The family Juliidae is unique among gastropod mollusks in having clam-like shells into which the body can be completely withdrawn. Let me quote the Sea Slugs of Hawaii web site of Cory Pittman and Pauline Fiene: "They were first described as bivalves from fossil material and only recognized as gastropods when living animals were discovered in 1959."
Julia zebra has a brownish-green shell with narrow, radiating, dark brown stripes and cloudy white patches. The animal is brownish-green flecked with white and with dark brown bands on top of its head.
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