Elysia obtusa  Baba, 1938

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Elysia obtusa is characterized by its pale yellowish colour, by the white marginal line at the parapodia, and by opaque white spots on the body. In some animals the green of the digestive gland causes the parapodia to be dark green in colour.
Let my quote Bill Rudman:"Some authors have identified this northwestern pacific species with the Carribbean E. flava, but until the antomy of the two are compared I would think such a synonymy is premature."
Let me quote Jensen (2003):"It is possible that this species should be synonymized with Elysia flava Verrill, 1901"
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IPN writes at page 81 in the description of Elysia flava:''Elysia obtusa is a synonym."
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WoRMS lists Elysia obtusa with the status accepted.
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