Polycera sp. 06  Genus: Cuvier, 1817

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Polycera sp. 06 is characterized by its translucent whitish/cream body colour, and by a network of green lines covering the body. The body is covered with translucent tubercles, most of them are white tipped. The rhinophores are basally tranlucent, the outer half is posteriorly whitish/cream, anteriorly greenish, the tips are green. The gills are translucent cream with blueish tips. The short velar tentacles are transparent.
This species was the Opisthobranch of the Week at Micheal D. Miller's Slug Site.
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Köhler, E. (2017), published 1 July 2017, Polycera sp. 06  Genus: Cuvier, 1817
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