Platydoris sp. 04  Genus: Bergh, 1877

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This is an unidentified or undescribed species of the genus Platydoris. I call it Platydoris sp. 04 to distinguish it from other species of Platydoris.
Platydoris sp. 04 is characterized by its light reddish pink colour with large darker patches. There is a lighter mid-dorsal hump. The rhinophore clubs are brown and the gills are tan.
It is Platydoris sp. 2 in IPN at page 196:
Gosliner, Terrence M., David W. Behrens & Ángel Valdés. 2008. Indo-Pacific Nudibranchs and Sea Slugs. Sea Challengers Natural History Books.
Gig Harbor, Washington. 426pp.
Dr. Alicia Hermosillo labels it Doris rojo1.
It was originally posted at these websites as Platydoris sp. D  Genus: Genus: Bergh, 1877.
For some genera, such as Trinchesia was the alphabet almost through. I had to change the distinguishing alphabetic character into a number. I have chosen 2-digit numbers, even though '01' looks a little bit stupid, and now is only the genus italic written.