Discodorididae sp. 07  Family: Bergh, 1891

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Discodorididae sp. 07 is characterized by its mottled pinkish/tan mantle. The rhinophores and the gills are translucent pinkish, there is a flat lighter longitudinal median ridge.
I am not sure on the generic placement, that is why I use the family and call it Discodorididae sp. 07.
I don't know if this specimen is the same species, if differs by the reddish background colour and by larger dark pink/reddish patches, I think it is a colour variant.
Pretty similar are:
Discodorididae sp. 13 which has a series of middorsal knobs.
Discodorididae sp. 27 which differs by a larger middorsal ridge, and by orange pigment at the mantle margin.
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