Chromodoris mandapamensis  Valdés, Mollo & Ortea, 1999

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Chromodoris mandapamensis is characterized by a cream to pale gray background colour, with the entire dorsum densely covered with numerous, rounded dark brown spots. A broken line of bright orange spots edges the mantle margin. The rhinophore clubs are brown, with white edged lamellae. The gills are are pale brown with numerous, small opaque white dots scattered all over the surface, and large brown spots near the base.
Pretty similar are:
Chromodoris striatella which differs by longitudinal dark brown lines on the mantle.
Bill Rudman writes "This species may be a colour form of C. striatella. See my discussion on the Chromodoris striatella - spotted form Page."
Chromodoris burni which lacks the opaque white spots on the gills and rhinophores.
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