Phyllidia sp. 04  Genus: Cuvier, 1797

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Phyllidia sp. 04 is characterized by the pale blueish/whitish background colour, by the minute opaque white spots scattered on the mantle, giving a white granular appearance, and by the Y-shaped black patch between the rhinophores and tranverse black patches on the mantle. The larger tubercles are yellow capped.
This species is most likely as Phyllidia sp. 8 in Gosliner et al. (2015) at page 282, it might be as well a strange colour form of Phyllidia willani.
Pretty similar with a whitish granular appearance are:
Phyllidia ocellata which is very variable in colour, but has usually a yellow-orange ground colour of the mantle, and has large black rings,
Phyllidia babai which has a white granular appearance and black rings.
Phyllidia exquisita which has a pale bluish granular background colour, black swirls, and yellowish-orange pigment at the mantle margin
Phyllidia willani which lacks the Y-shaped black patch between the rhinophores.
I can't tell for sure how to distiguish the phyllidiids with the whitish granular appearance:
Phyllidia babai, Phyllidia exquisita, Phyllidia willani, Phyllidia sp. 01 and Phyllidia sp. 3 in IPN at page 292. I guess they are variants of one species.
Bill Rudman thinks Phyllidia babai, Phyllidia exquisita, and Phyllidia willani to be variants of the very variable Phyllidia ocellata.
More than 20 years after Brunckhorst (1993) needs the family Phyllidiidae  Rafinesque, 1814 a worldwide revision based on anatomical and molecular studies, not like the recent publication Stoffels et al. (2016) which focusses on the "coral triangle" and excludes most oceans.
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