Unidentia angelvaldesi  Millen & Hermosillo, 2012

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Unidentia angelvaldesi has recently been described, published on 16 November 2012:
Millen S. & A.Hermosillo (2012) Three New Species of Aeolid Nudibranchs (Opisthobranchia) from the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Panama, and the Indopacific, with a Redescription and Redesignation of a Fourth Species - The Veliger, 51(3): 145-164
It was posted at these websites before as Facelina sp. 05. It looks very similar to Flabellina rubrolineata and is a very variable species, there are many pictures of it from the Pacific coast of Mexico showing this variability, some of these identifications were confirmed by David W. Behrens, and Dr. Alicia Hermosillo-González labelled this specimen 'Fac pseudorubrolineata'.
Now it is placed in the new genus Unidentia  Millen & Hermosillo, 2012 within the new family Unidentidae Millen & Hermosillo, 2012
The rhinophores and the oral tentacles are in many specimens basally translucent orange, followed by a broad white band, and a translucent purple band, the outer third is translucent, The background colour of the body is translucent orange, often with irregular large witish patches. There is a purple subapical ring at the cerata.
The specimens #3, #4, #5, and #6 were posted on 20 July 2011 at these websites as Flabellina sp. 04  Genus: Voigt, 1834, I agreed with the generic placement of Dave and Alicia and moved them on 20 August 2012 to the genus Facelina  Alder & Hancock, 1855.
It is part of the 'Flabellina rubrolineata look-alike' complex:
Pretty similar are:
Flabellina cf. rubrolineata which lacks the broad opaque white band at the rhinophores, and has a bluish background colour,
Flabellina rubrolineata which differs by the papillate rhinophores, and
Flabellina sp. 05 which differs by the bluish rhinophores and oral tentacles both with a white outer half.
Unidentia cf. angelvaldesi which lacks the purple longitudinal lines.
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