Tenellia sp. 17  Genus: A. Costa, 1866

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Tenellia sp. 17 is characterized by its translucent white body. The smooth rhinophores are translucent white with a subapical orange/brown band. The oral tentacles are orange/brown with a translucent apex. The thin cerata are translucent white with one small subapical orange/brown spot on each ceras.
This species is most likely as Cuthona sp. 29 in IPN at page 368.
Let me quote the description: "The body is translucent white with cream to opaque white on the head and scattered over the center of the notum. Each ceras has a single red spot below the apex. The rhinophores are opaque white basally with a red-orange apex. The oral tentacles are red with orange spots and an opaque or translucent white apex."
This picture shows a 3 mm juvenile specimen.
This species was posted on 4 November 2010 on these websites as Cuthona sp. B  Genus: Alder & Hancock, 1855, and because of Miller (2004) changed
on 14 June 2011 into Trinchesia sp. 02  Genus: von Ihering, 1879.
Cella et al. (2016) restricted the genus Cuthona  Alder & Hancock, 1855 to the type species, C. nana (Alder & Hancock, 1842) just like Miller (2004) did, and synonymised the genera
- Catriona  Winckworth, 1941,
- Phestilla  Bergh, 1874,
- Cuthona  Alder & Hancock, 1855 (partim), and
- Trinchesia  Ihering, 1879
with Tenellia  A. Costa, 1866 in the Family Fionidae  J.E. Gray, 1857.
I moved on 31 December 2016 Trinchesia sp. 02  Genus: von Ihering, 1879 as #17 to the Genus Tenellia  A. Costa, 1866.
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