Tenellia sp. 03  Genus: A. Costa, 1866

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Tenellia sp. 03 is characterized by its brownish-grey body colour with thin brown transverse lines. The cerata are brownish with pale apices. The rhinophores are translucent. It feeds like all species of this genus on hard corals.
This species is Phestilla sp. 3 in IPN page 373 and Gosliner et al. (2015) page 358, let me quote IPN:
"This undescribed species is whitish or brownish in color with a broad body. There are transverse wrinkles across the notum. Cerata cylindrical with a constriction just before the rounded apex."
This species was misidentified and posted on 7 February 2011 at these websites as Phestilla lugubris (Bergh, 1870) [Cratena],
Dr. Alicia Hermosillo McKowen labeled it Phestilla shaggy mouse. I changed it on 15 December 2016 into
Phestilla sp. 03  Genus: Bergh, 1874.
Cella et al. (2016) moved it to the Genus Tenellia  A. Costa, 1866 in the Family Fionidae  J.E. Gray, 1857.
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