Tenellia sp. 01  Genus: A. Costa, 1866

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Tenelliasp. 01 is characterized by its pale tan colour with a yellowish tinge. It feeds like all species of this genus on hard corals.
The above specimens were identified by Dr. Richard C. Willan, thanks !
There are some pictures of this species or at least a very similar species as Phestilla sp. 1 from the Sunshine Coast, Australia at Gary Cobb's http://www.nudibranch.com.au.
This species was posted on 1 December 2014 at these websites as Phestilla sp. 01  Genus: Bergh, 1874,
Cella et al. (2016) moved it to the Genus Tenellia  A. Costa, 1866 in the Family Fionidae  J.E. Gray, 1857.
Kristen Cella, Leila Carmona, Irina Ekimova, Anton Chichvarkhin, Dimitry Schepetov & Terrence M. Gosliner (2016)
A Radical Solution: The Phylogeny of the Nudibranch Family Fionidae.
PLoS ONE 11(12): e0167800. doi:10.137 1/journal .pone.0167800
The above publication is completely online, open access, CC-license
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