Doto sp. 14  Genus: Oken, 1815

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Doto sp. 14 is characterized by its elongate brown body, and inflated translucent cerata, which have a large red swelling at the apex, which is covered with small yellowish patches. The ceratal digestive gland ducts are basally white. The smooth rhinophore clubs are translucent with some minute whitish spots, rhinophoral sheaths are basally brown merging into translucent.
This species was posted on these websites on 21 July 2011 as Eubranchus sp. 08  Genus: Forbes, 1838 with this comment:
"This 6 - 7 mm specimen is most probably a juvenile. I identified it as a species of Eubranchus because of the similarity of the body shape and colour to Eubranchus sp. 02. To my knowledge are these the only pictures of this species, it is not in IPN nor at the internet!"
I received on 21 June 2015 this message from Hsini Lin:"The animal listed as Eubranchus sp. 08 is a Doto spp. The two photos of Gordon can't show well the rhinophoral sheaths, but this one found on Flickr yes: https://www.flickr.com/photos/vaniakam/17314402265/".
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