Marionia sp. 14  Genus: Vayssière, 1877

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Marioniasp. 14 is an unidentified species of the genus Marionia or possibly of the genus Marioniopsis.
It is characterized by 4 pairs of branched tan gills, and by brown lines forming polygons on the pale tan mantle and foot. Distictinctive are the orange pigment near the mantle margin between the secondary gills, and the white pigment on the base of the oral veil. The velar appendages are branched and have brown/black pigment basally.
This species is the Opisthobranch of the Week on Mike Miller's Slug Site.
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Köhler, E. (2016), published 4 December 2016, Marionia sp. 14  Genus: Vayssière, 1877
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