Janolus savinkini  Martynov & Korshunova, 2012

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Janolus savinkini has recently been described, let me quote Martynov & Korshunova (2012):
"The ground color is creamy, yellow with a light orange hue. The papillae have the same color throughout most of their length, but apically they are cover with a broad purplish ring and bright, opaque blue apical spot. The rhinophores have similar color pattern to the papillae." The caruncle is also pale yellowish/cream.
This species is Janolus sp. 2 in IPN at page 318,
it was posted on 28 October 2010 on these websites as Janolus sp. B, on 12 September 2011 changed into Janolus sp. 02.
Pretty similar are:
Janolus sp. 01 which differs by the rhinophores: brown with white tips, and by the cerata: below the purple subapical ring is a broad yellow ring,
Janolus sp. 03 which has opaque white specks on cerata, caruncle, and rhinophores,
Janolus sp. 05 which differs by the rhinophores: blueish tinge with darker apices, and by the cerata: translucent with a diffuse yellowish ring below the purple ring
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