Cratena lineata (Eliot, 1905) [Hervia]

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Cratena lineata is characterized by opaque white longitudinal lines on the cerata and on the transcendent body, and by orange/red patches on the head, two between the rhinophores and the oral tentacles, two below the rhinophores. The lateral patches on the head merge in some specimens. The long oral tentacles are translucent in the basal quarter, the apical three quarters are opaque white. The smooth rhinophores are basal translucent, followed by an opaque white region, the apices are translucent.
Pretty similar are:
Cratena sp. 01 which lacks the orange/red patches on the head and lacks white lines on the notum, and differs by white and a few orange spots on the body.
Cratena cf. lineata A which lacks of opaque white longitudinal lines on the notum,
Cratena cf. lineata B which differs by a translucent orange backgound colour and lacks the orange/red patches in front of the rhinophores.
Let me quote IPN: "Additional study is needed to determine whether individuals without lines on the notum represent a distinct species."
I like to add to this statement those specimens which lack the orange/red patches in front of the rhinophores.
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