Cratena affinis (Baba, 1949) [Hervia]

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Cratena affinis sp. 01 is characterized by orange/red patches on the sides of the head, by a translucent body with white and orange spots, by thin white longitudinal lines on the tan cerata with dark digestive glands, and by annulate translucent rhinophores.The oral tentacles are translucent with white spots.
This picture of 2 specimens was a bycatch of a picture of Unidentia angelvaldesi Millen & Hermosillo, 2012.
Cratena affinis looks somehow similar to
Cratena lineata, which differs by white lines on the notum, and by smooth rhinophores.
Cratena cf. lineata A, which lacks white spots on the notum, and differs by smooth rhinophores.
There are better pictures of this species from Japan at seaslug.world and at umiushi-zukan.com, Robert F. Bolland has a picture of Baba's original drawing at his OKINAWA SLUG SITE.
More information on Cratena affinis are on Bill Rudman's Sea-Slug Forum!
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