Armina sp. 09  Genus: Rafinesque, 1814

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This is an undescribed species of the genus Armina  Rafinesque, 1814. I call it Armina sp. 09, to distinguish it from other undescribed species of Armina.
This species was misidentified by Bill Rudman (1999) and posted on 18 April 2003 at these websites as Armina semperi (Bergh, 1866) [Pleurophyllidia].
I changed it on 25 April 2017 into Armina sp. 09  Genus: Rafinesque, 1814 because:
In Mehrotra, Caballer Gutierrez & Chavanich (2017) is a translation of Bergh's (1866) brief diagnosis of Pleurophyllidia semperi in Latin, the description is in Danish:
"Body depressed. Mantle black, with yellow lines, usually divergent posteriorly, margin reddish; rhinophoral stalk black, tip reddish; oral veil grayish-blue, black anteriorly and posteriorly, anterior margin reddish; foot grayish- blue. Caruncles small bifid."
Originally named by Bergh (1861), but considered nomen nudum by Jensen and Nielsen (2014), who established 1866 as the valid date of description.
The type localty is Masinlac, Zamboanga, Mindanao, Philippines.
The above specimen differs from Bergh's (1866) description by
- the colour of the oral veil: bright blue, in A. semperi grayish-blue, black anteriorly and posteriorly
- the colour of the anterior margin of the oral veil: yellow, in A. semperi reddish
- the rhinophores: basally grayish, clubs black with white lines on the lamellae, tips reddish, in A. semperi rhinophoral stalk black, tip reddish
- the colour of the foot: bright blue with a yellow margin, in A. semperi grayish-blue no margin described.
- the colour of the mantle: black with white/yellow longitudinal ridges, bright blue patches anteriorly and posteriorly and whitish areas, in A. semperi black, with yellow lines, usually divergent posteriorly
- the lack of a mantle margin, in A. semperi reddish
Very similar is Armina scotti  Mehrotra, Caballer Gutierrez & Chavanich, 2017 which differs by the white rhinophores with "orange tips, a black subterminal band, which is pale blue on the inner-front sides, and a black stripe running to the sides of the oral veil," by the pale yellow margin of its dorsum, not reddish". Quoted from Mehrotra, Caballer Gutierrez & Chavanich (2017)
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Köhler, E. (2018), published 31 October 2018, Armina sp. 09  Genus: Rafinesque, 1814
available from https://www.Philippine-Sea-Slugs.com/Nudibranchia/Cladobranchia/Armina_sp_09.htm


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