Thysanozoon sp. 06  Genus: Grube, 1840

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I have been scanning through all websites on flatworms, but I did not find a picture of a similar species, maybe there are some at NUDIPIXEL within the more than 600 Unidentified polyclad flatworm pictures.
I place it tentatively in the genus Thysanozoon  Grube, 1840, it might be as well a species of Acanthozoon  Collingwood, 1876, which possess only a single male copulative organ contrary to Thysanozoon.
I have no idea how variable species of Thysanozoon are, it is possible, that this species and
Thysanozoon sp. 03 and Thysanozoon sp. 04 are the same species, for now I keep them seperate!