Sea Cucumbers, Family Holothuriidae

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juvenile specimens of Pearsonothuria graeffei (Semper, 1868), in many uw-guides as Bohadschia graeffei, common name: Graeff's Sea Cucumber look pretty similar to some Phyllidiids.
I misidentified this 2 mm specimen on 13 July 2011 as juvenile Phyllidia carlsonhoffi because of the large isolated conical tubercles. 
On 21 May 2012 I saw a pretty similar picture of a "very small juvenile" specimen at Teresa Zubi's website, as Bohadschia graeffei, at this website are also many pictures of adult specimens. A bell was ringing in my head..., I checked Gordon's picture carefully and then I saw some of the translucent yellowish feet, and realized it is a juvenile sea cucumber, a Pearsonothuria graeffei (Semper, 1868)!