at work Erwin Koehler
Ludwigshöhstr. 20
D-64285 Darmstadt


Cebu Island
PH 6013-Maya

My German dive-buddies called me "Nacktschneckenjäger", i.e. "nudibranch-hunter".
I went as often as possible to the Philippine islands and took underwater pictures of sea-slugs.

My job: retired since 1st February 2005, before database administrator at T-Systems, Germany

I tried to start diving in 1979, failed the examination, started diving and uw-photography in 1989. 
My first uw-photography eqipment was: NIKONOS V, 28mm and 35mm lenses, several SEA & SEA close-up-sets and Nikon SB 103 flash gun. 
In 1995 I focussed in taking photos of sea-slugs and flatworms, therefore I changed the equipment in 1996: 
NIKON F90 X, SEALUX housing and 2 subtronic flash guns. 
In 2001 did I the change to digital photography with a NIKON COOLPIX 990 in a SEALUX housing and 1 subtronic ALPHA PRO MACRO flashgun.
In 2005 I started working with a NIKON D100 also in a SEALUX housing, still using the subtronic ALPHA PRO MACRO flashgun.
In 2007 I got asthma and had to stop diving. I sold my complete diving and uw-photography equipment.
I had a stroke on 11th June 2008, now I take care of my 2 websites on sea-slugs:
Mediterranean Slug Site and Philippine-Sea-Slugs

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