Tubulophilinopsis gardineri (Eliot, 1903) [Doridium]

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Tubulophilinopsis gardineri is very similar in colour to the related Chelidonura varians from which it can be easily distinguished by the long pointed posterior tails present in Chelidonura, and by the blue longitudinal median line on the head of Chelidonura varians. Species of of the family Aglajidae  Pilsbry, 1895 (1847) are usually found burrowing through sand or mud.
Tubulophilinopsis gardineri is usually solid black except of the bright blue band and a fine white transverse line at the posterior end of the head shield. The seaslug forum reports specimens with yellow/orange markings from île de La Réunion, Southwestern Indian Ocean, and specimens whith large white patches from Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands.This specimen has an unusual broad white transverse line at the posterior end of the head shield, and white spots on the head, and in front of the 'tails'.
This species was posted on 9 July 2003 at these websites as Philinopsis gardineri (Eliot, 1903) [Doridium], Zamora-Silva & Malaquias (2017) moved it
into the new genus Tubulophilinopsis  Zamora-Silva & Malaquias, 2017.
Andrea Zamora-Silva and Manuel António E. Malaquias Molecular phylogeny of the Aglajidae head-shield sea slugs (Heterobranchia: Cephalaspidea): new evolutionary lineages revealed and proposal of a new classification
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2017, XX, 1-51
available online at https://academic.oup.com/zoolinnean/advance-article-abstract/doi/10.1093/zoolinnean/zlx064/4584517
More information on Tubulophilinopsis gardineri as Philinopsis gardineri are on Bill Rudman's Sea Slug Forum!
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